Monday, March 31, 2008

Scoring with Internet Explorer 7 & 8

We've recently become aware of users reporting difficulty when scoring PHRF races with Internet Explorer. As you may know, when scoring PHRF races, the finish time is entered into a "pop-up" box. In a programming sense this box is generated by a javasript function. Unfortunately, the standard settings for I.E.7 have some (or most) javascript functionality disabled.

What happens is when you double click the entrant to finish them, IE tries to decide what to do with the scripted window. After several seconds, a pop-up warning window will open, and a status bar message will appear. In the meantime, IE is basically locked up. While we look for a permanent solution, here are a couple of "work-arounds".

First, you can reset the security settings in Internet Explorer. There is a video on resetting your security settings HERE

Second, you can use an alternate browser when scoring. Firefox by Mozilla, and Safari don't seem to have this issue with Javascript windows.

Or finally, you can use the finish time box, and click [Move Selected] for each entrant. But with larger fleets, or multiple fleets on a line, this would become a cumbersome process to say the least.

You may also need to check the settings again after any Windows or I.E. update, as the security settings have a tendency to revert after updates.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Registration Options for "Non-Regatta" Events and a New Lower Rate!

At the request of several clubs, we've incorporated a new registration option for "non-regatta" events. This is particularly useful for sailing classes, seminar registrations etc. It eliminates a lot of the regatta specific fields from the registration, and will let the user register for more than 1 "event" on a single registration. (multiple weeks of sailing class, for example)

To set up these fees, simply select the "Multi-Registration Fee (Non-Regatta)" option from the fee type drop-down and set your Fee amount and late fee as usual.

Since these events don't use all the other functionality of the US SAILING Regatta Network system, we've gotten approval from US SAILING to offer this service at 5% rate for US SAILING member clubs.

Registration Caps & Waitlisted Registrants

You can now set capacity on your events by letting us know the total number of registrants you'd like to set. The feature is fee-based, so if you need to limit a specific class or fleet (Opti-Green for example), it will need to have a separate entry fee.

When the capacity is reached for that class, the entrant will no be given the opportunity to pay, but will be able to register and will show on the entrant list as "Waitlisted" both in the "Edit Entrants" console

and the list of entrants:

If you have someone drop out, simply email the waitlisted registrant the registration link for them to edit their registration. When they click the blue edit button, they'll be able to complete the payment process and the waitlist is re-initiated.

To set up waitlists for your event, simply mail the capacity for the class or event to

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New WYSIWYG Text Editor

We've added a "What You See is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) text editor to the system. The editor is available for Entry Form Comments, Waiver & Disclaimer language, Notes on the Club Event Listing, and on the descriptions for Meals and Merchandise in the online store.

To access the editor, click the text [Open/Close HTML Editor] from below the text block.

This will open the editor and you can specify type faces, sizes, bold, italic, insert pictures, etc.

There is also an option to enlarge the editor window if you're working on a particularly long set of instructions or a complete NOR. When you return to the page next time, the information in the box will be in HTML format. If you need to edit or change the formatting, just click the editor to preview the page.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Video Tuturial of Scoring Preview Function

We've had several people request the ability to preview scoring BEFORE it is available on the public pages.

We've added this feature to the scoring console. You now have the ability to totally hide your event results from public online view. Very handy while you check the online results against the finish sheet, and make adjustments due to Protest Committee decisions, etc.

On multiple day events, the results for Day 1 will be hidden from online view until you publish the results for Day 2, and so on for each successive day.

Click HERE to see the new system in action.