Monday, July 21, 2008

Waitlists and Managing the Waitlist

Some of you may already know, that we can limit the number of entrants for any specific class. This allows X number of entrants in a specific class and after the threshold has been reached, any additional entrants are able to register as a waitlisted competitor and not complete the payment process.

Recently, it became apparent that we needed a better method to allow these waitlisted entrants to complete the registration process. We added a "waitlist override" to the Edit Entries Console on events that are using a waitlist.

Simply clicking the box to modify the entrant will allow 1 more person to complete the registration process for your event. If you've reserved X entries for a specific club or organization, you can then delete one of the place holders.

It is important to note that the waitlist is based on PAID entries. Someone that registers early and waits to pay later may find themselves bumped onto the waitlist. Also, if you ask us to increase your waitlist threshold, it opens up registration to everyone (waitlisted or new entries). So if you want to limit access to a specific or group from the waitlist, the override is the best method.

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