Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Scoring System with Sail/Bow Number Selector

UPDATE! A new scoring console has been added to the standard event console that includes a Sail/Bow Number Selector and a one-handed scoring solution for one-design and handicap classes.

This system automatically prunes the list of potential sail/bow number matches as you type in the number. It ignores country code prefixes, so there's no "cleaning" of sail numbers necessary and when you've found the number you're looking for a simple press of the right arrow moves the competitor to the scored window. To score a boat with a "short" bow number (i.e. -- Sail number 16 of a group of 16, 167, 1616 and 16617), simply type the ":" to indicate that you are done entering and press the right arrow. On events scoring based on bow numbers, since these events use a bow#/Sail# combination, please use the "/" to indicate you are finished entering and press the right arrow.

There is also an option now for Opti/Laser events to key off ONLY the last 4 of the sail number. So once again, if the number is truncated (383 for example) use the ":" or "/" keys to indicate you are finished.

For handicap events, the time dialog box will now accept a period rather than require a colon, so you can enter hh.mm.ss rather than hh:mm:ss and simply pressing the enter key will move the competitor into the scored entrant window. There's a brief tutorial on the new scoring system online HERE.

Setting a late fee based on a specific time or time zone.

As most of you know, the US SAILING Regatta Network server resides at Rackspace Managed Hosting data center in Dallas. The advantage of this location is it's equally accessible for most of the county. The disadvantage is that when a discount or late fee is imposed on a specific day or time the server was always either too early (or too late depending on you time zone) or you had to remember change the registration closing date to shut down registration.

We've added a time function to the Edit Event Fees section which will allow you to set the specific time you'd like to impose a late fee or discount.

Since the server is in the central time zone, you will need to manually adjust the time to suit the time zone of your club or event.