Saturday, August 29, 2009

What is that red *?

Many of you have asked why some sailors have a * on your fleets split or scratch sheets. To comply with US SAILING's COPPA guidelines, all personal information for entrants under 18 is hidden from public view except Name, Boat Class, and Yacht Club. So rather than leave the field blank, we've added a * symbol to let you know that a) there is data and b) to protect the entrants privacy.

Naturally, the management reports have complete information on the entrants, but these are only viewable from the management console.

Results for a single Class

As you may know, when running a regatta with multiple classes, there are times when you would like to print and post the results for a single class. Either because you're waiting for the other class to complete their races, or waiting for their protests to be complete. Previously, you had to either print partial results, or cut and paste the results into another document.

At the request of one of our organizers, you can now print or link to the results for a single class simply by clicking on the class name on the standard US SAILING Regatta Network results page.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Printing and Distributing Results

UPDATE (7/23/09) -- At the request of several organizers, you can now print the results of a single class, by simply clicking on the class name in the standard USRN results pages. This makes it much easier to post results for other classes while waiting for the results of protests for other classes.

A couple of tricks when printing results to post on the bulletin board at your club or event. Because every browser, and printer combination are a little different, it's best to preview the results before you print them. Results are set to print each class on an individual page, depending on the size of the class, and the number or races, you may find that portrait or landscape printing format may work best. On Internet Explorer you can also size the results to fit the page better.

From the print preview page, select a specific percentage as opposed to the default "Shrink to Fit" which squeezes the page length to fit into an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet (and results in 4 or 5 point type), try selecting 100% or 90 % to try to maximize the results table into the available space.

Also depending on your printer and paper availability, using legal sized paper may be a better option.

When sending your results to local media outlets, there is link to the the results in a standard media format. This lists the results as a text file in the format most media prefer, as opposed to a tabular format.

Pos,Bow/Sail, Boat, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points
1. 86 / 1510, , Scott Young, AYC, 1-1-1-8- ; 11
2. 02 / 203, Dieselsnack, Rob Johnston, RCYC, 2-4-3-4- ; 13
3. 51 / 161, Daddy's Boat, David Smedley, RCYC, 6-2-5-1- ; 14
4. 09 / 665, SLO-POKE, Eric Faust, AYC, 5-6-2-3- ; 16
5. 21 / 709, Keep Smiling, Marvin Beckmann, Houston Yacht Club, 4-5-4-6- ; 19
6. 17 / 279, Fast Lane, Max / Jake Scott, Rush Creek Yacht Club, 3-7-11-2- ; 23