Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PHRF Divisions

As you may know, ordinarily Regatta Network supports multiple starts, and distances for individual handicap fleets, with each fleet scored independently from the others. Recently several clubs have requested the ability to have a PHRF event scored both as individual sub-fleets or divisions (PHRF A, PHRF B, etc) and as a single fleet for an overall winner on corrected time.

To accomplish this, obviously all classes would need to sail the same distance, however you can set up a single master class(PHRF for instance), and then assign sub-fleets through the Manage Fleet Divisions console. If you are going to have separate starts for each sub-fleet, let us know so we can enable the recording of division start times.

Then when you're finished scoring, the results page will be include the option to view the division results or the overall results.

See the sample of the the separate results HERE (Scroll down to the PHRF Fleet for the division results.)

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