Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's This? Your Event's QR code!

Some of you may have noticed that we've added an event specific QR Code to all events. This code is a graphic bar code to take your potential registrants or registrants directly to an event page designed specifically for smart phones.

This page will give entrants fast access to your event's status (from the online notice board), the registration form, the current entrant list, results, regatta documents, etc. The event status is updated from the Online Notice Board so entrants can know instantly if you event is on schedule, postponed or abandoned by simply checking their phone.

Use the QR code image in your promotional materials - emails, posters, flyers and around the club house to let entrants connect quickly with your event. The QR code image can be downloaded from the Regatta Network event console in a variety of sizes to fit your application.

As always please feel free to contact us for a demonstration or with questions, comments or suggestions.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Event Location Capability

As you may have noticed, in the past the location of an event was assumed to be the same location as the information on the Organizer's Club Information page. Since many event's were organized by a class or YRA with offices in a different location than the actual event. To help with this "dis-location", we've added an event location to all events. Simply list the address for the event and the event will be listed on Regatta Network and RegattaLink with the correct location.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let Your Entrants and Their Supporters Give A Little.

Several times a year, we are approached by clubs or organizations running charity events. They've asked for a method to have their entrants reach out to their supporters to raise money for a worthy cause.

To answer this need, we've developed a Pledge console that let's supporters pledge a donation to the chosen charity to support the efforts of a specific entrant. The way the system works is simple --
  • As sailors enter, they are automatically added to the pledge page.
  • They can then direct their supporters to the pledge page to pledge support for their entry. And they are offered the opportunity to complete their pledge directly with the charity.
  • The progress of each competitor is displayed on a pledge "Leader Board
  • And as the organizer you can provide the charity with the contact information on all pledges, so they can follow up with a thank you or reminder.
To see the pledge system in action, please the CBS Charity Regatta on,
Or you can view the pledge form and tote board from the entry form here

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Working With Waitlists...

For many youth events, capacity constraints and wait lists are a fact of life. Many facilities can only accommodate a set number of boats. Wait lists in the Regatta Network system are based on the number of paid entrants received for a specific fee. As a reminder, the Waitlist Limit is established when setting up the fee, and will allow entry into your event until the limit is reached.

Once that limit has been reached, and entrants are being actively wait listed, we recommend you revise the Waitlist Limit downward, say from 50 to 35 or 40. This will let you delete entrants that have to drop out and override the wait list status for entrants currently wait listed. Otherwise when you delete a paid entrant, the waitlist will open up for the public, and let anyone jump in line in front of the wait listed entrants.

Step-by-Step: To override the waitlist status for an entrant --
> Click "Edit Event Entries"
> Click on the entrants name
> At the bottom of the next page, click the check box to "Override waitlist for this registrant "
> Click button to Modify this entrant.
> Notify the Entrant either through the email console, or directly to edit their registration form.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Extend Your Wi-Fi Reach

We've recently begun testing a new High Power Wireless-N USB Adapter from Amped Wireless. This system combines a high power WiFi amplifier and a high gain directional antenna to extend the range of wirless connectivity up to 4x over normal. In many cases, this could extend the range of your laptop on the committee boat to reach a WiFi Hotspot at the club.

The unit is designed to allow you to connect to wireless networks from "extreme distances" and is weatherized for use on boats, RV's etc. The antenna connects to your laptop using a dual USB cable for maximum signal strength, or can connect using a single USB port for standard power and includes 26.5 feet of cable and a variety of mounting options - Wall, pole/mast, or tabletop.

Since it's usefulness depends on the environment at your club and RC boat (distance from the club, trees and other obstructions between the antenna and the WiFi hotspot, we are offering our test antenna on a "lend/lease" program for clubs to try it out before they have to commit to buying it. Basically for the cost of shipping both ways, you can test this system at your location to decide if it is a good solution for your club. Please contact Ken Taylor with questions or to arrange a test.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scoring on the Go

Of course, you've always been able to score an event on Regatta Network using a laptop and a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. However lately, clubs have asked about the possibility of scoring using an iPhone, Blackberry, or iPad.

The answer is simply, Yes. Scoring is possible on current versions of both an iPhone or Blackberry. Due to the small screen size, scoring on an hand-held device like an iPhone isn't always as pleasant as scoring on a laptop or even an iPad, but it is possible.

There is a pdf tutorial on iPhone scoring HERE.

Or there is a short video tutorial on scoring with an iPad HERE

Stay tuned for further developments on mobile scoring options on Regatta Network.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Simplified Fleet Split Console

A new way to quickly and easily create your fleet splits and move boats from one class to another. A single page shows all entrants, is sortable by handicap/rating and uses a simple drop down to change their class assignments. To use the Fleet/Class Management console, have entrants register in a "parent" fleet, say PHRF. After you've received a number of entries, set up your new "child" classes (PHRF-SpinA, PHRF-SpinB, etc.). When you open the Fleets/Classes console, click on the column header "Rating" and then select the appropriate class from the drop down for each entrant. Click the "Save Fleet Assignments" button at the bottom of the page, and you're ready to go!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

txt 2 ur registrants

Email is a great way to communicated to your registrants before and after the event, but not everyone has the ability to recieve email messages during the event. As such, we're pleased to annouce a new texting console to send sms messages to your registrants regarding updates on you events. This is a great way to keep entrants informed about schedule changes, postpones or protest schedules.

During registration, the entrant will have the option to "opt in" to receive text messages from your event. To send a message select the SMS Text console from the Event Tools menu. You may select all entrants or a specific class to send a short SMS message to them. These messages are limited to 160 characters and will only be sent to those that elected to opt-in.

Because the messages are sent through a third party provider, please only use the console for official messages, rather than news or "social" updates. All messages will come from 258-17 (the Regatta Network "Bulk Account") so try to make it clear that the message is regarding your event in the first few words.