Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Simplified Fleet Split Console

A new way to quickly and easily create your fleet splits and move boats from one class to another. A single page shows all entrants, is sortable by handicap/rating and uses a simple drop down to change their class assignments. To use the Fleet/Class Management console, have entrants register in a "parent" fleet, say PHRF. After you've received a number of entries, set up your new "child" classes (PHRF-SpinA, PHRF-SpinB, etc.). When you open the Fleets/Classes console, click on the column header "Rating" and then select the appropriate class from the drop down for each entrant. Click the "Save Fleet Assignments" button at the bottom of the page, and you're ready to go!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

txt 2 ur registrants

Email is a great way to communicated to your registrants before and after the event, but not everyone has the ability to recieve email messages during the event. As such, we're pleased to annouce a new texting console to send sms messages to your registrants regarding updates on you events. This is a great way to keep entrants informed about schedule changes, postpones or protest schedules.

During registration, the entrant will have the option to "opt in" to receive text messages from your event. To send a message select the SMS Text console from the Event Tools menu. You may select all entrants or a specific class to send a short SMS message to them. These messages are limited to 160 characters and will only be sent to those that elected to opt-in.

Because the messages are sent through a third party provider, please only use the console for official messages, rather than news or "social" updates. All messages will come from 258-17 (the Regatta Network "Bulk Account") so try to make it clear that the message is regarding your event in the first few words.