Saturday, June 18, 2011

Extend Your Wi-Fi Reach

We've recently begun testing a new High Power Wireless-N USB Adapter from Amped Wireless. This system combines a high power WiFi amplifier and a high gain directional antenna to extend the range of wirless connectivity up to 4x over normal. In many cases, this could extend the range of your laptop on the committee boat to reach a WiFi Hotspot at the club.

The unit is designed to allow you to connect to wireless networks from "extreme distances" and is weatherized for use on boats, RV's etc. The antenna connects to your laptop using a dual USB cable for maximum signal strength, or can connect using a single USB port for standard power and includes 26.5 feet of cable and a variety of mounting options - Wall, pole/mast, or tabletop.

Since it's usefulness depends on the environment at your club and RC boat (distance from the club, trees and other obstructions between the antenna and the WiFi hotspot, we are offering our test antenna on a "lend/lease" program for clubs to try it out before they have to commit to buying it. Basically for the cost of shipping both ways, you can test this system at your location to decide if it is a good solution for your club. Please contact Ken Taylor with questions or to arrange a test.