Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Event Location Capability

As you may have noticed, in the past the location of an event was assumed to be the same location as the information on the Organizer's Club Information page. Since many event's were organized by a class or YRA with offices in a different location than the actual event. To help with this "dis-location", we've added an event location to all events. Simply list the address for the event and the event will be listed on Regatta Network and RegattaLink with the correct location.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let Your Entrants and Their Supporters Give A Little.

Several times a year, we are approached by clubs or organizations running charity events. They've asked for a method to have their entrants reach out to their supporters to raise money for a worthy cause.

To answer this need, we've developed a Pledge console that let's supporters pledge a donation to the chosen charity to support the efforts of a specific entrant. The way the system works is simple --
  • As sailors enter, they are automatically added to the pledge page.
  • They can then direct their supporters to the pledge page to pledge support for their entry. And they are offered the opportunity to complete their pledge directly with the charity.
  • The progress of each competitor is displayed on a pledge "Leader Board
  • And as the organizer you can provide the charity with the contact information on all pledges, so they can follow up with a thank you or reminder.
To see the pledge system in action, please the CBS Charity Regatta on,
Or you can view the pledge form and tote board from the entry form here