Friday, March 16, 2012

Internet Explorer & Browser Compatability

Several clubs have contacted us about unsuccessful attempts to upload a document to their event when using Internet Explorer.  It seems that IE is using the full path to the target file as the file name, so rather than NOR_2012.PDF, Explorer shows the file name as C:\Users\Ken\Desktop\regatta files\NOR_2012.PDF. 

This obviously exceeds the 30 character limit for file names, and the upload fails.  The solution is to use another browser.  Firefox, Safari, or Chrome all seem to upload documents without any issues of including the full path in the page name. 

On the same subject, we've seen several instances in Internet Explorer not working correctly with the HTML editor included on the Regatta Network event console.  This editor (TinyMCE) is based on Javascript and something in the current version of Internet Explorer doesn't recognize the javascript for the editor.  Again the solution is to not use Internet Explorer, but to use Firefox, Safari or Chrome. 

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