Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beta Testers Wanted!

We're rolling out a revamped scoring console.  This console accomplishes a number of objectives, one of which is a more user friendly interface for iOS and Android mobile devices.  The big change is we've managed to kill the mobile Safari "window shade" scroll bar/box ...

... with a new check box selector window that actually lets you see who you are scoring and who is in the scored and un-scored panes.

When scoring multiple classes on one line, the scored class boxes will default to a standard size, but can be re-sized to accommodate all entrants in that class. 

Since the basic functionality for scoring (ie - Quick Find, Penalties, etc.) remain the same and the experience on a standard PC or Mac will be basically unchanged.  We'd like to get some feedback form anyone scoring on a mobile device -- iPad, iPhone, Android on the new scoring interface.

To use the new scoring format, click the "Beta" button on the current race scoring.

To change back to the traditional scoring format, simply go back to the race menu to select the next race.  If you just record scores, it will keep you on the new scoring format, until you return to the race menu. 

I'll be adding a video demo of the new scoring this week that will highlight all the new features.  Please feel free to try this out and send us your feed back. 

UPDATE - Video demo is now online HERE