Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Formatting Printed Reports

Several clubs have asked about changing the formatting of the printed reports generated by Regatta Network.  When these reports are generated as web pages the font size is dynamic and usually adjusted by the setting on each user's browser.  But when printing the report from a browser, the print function will often revert to the stated size of the font as defined in the css or html for the page, which appears to be about 10pt on the printed page.

However there are several options to enlarging the printed version of the page.
  1. Using print preview in your browser, minimize the borders on the page, and print a test page or two. 
  2. Not big enough?   Try changing the page layout from letter to landscape.  At the same time you may need to adjust the scaling on the page to maximize the font size.  Again, print a test page or two.  
  3. Still not big enough?  All reports in Regatta Network are created as an HTML table, as such you can highlight the page with your mouse, and paste it into MS Excel.  Then you can adjust the font size, column width, page breaks, etc. without wasting paper. 
Remember, each browser and printer combination is a bit different, so you may want to experiment with different browsers to see if one combination works best for your event.  Also, it's important to use the print preview function of your browser or Excel, and to save paper. 

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