Friday, April 25, 2014

Scrolling Results for an individual race.

Several clubs have requested a scrolling version of the single race scores for all fleets in their series.  This allows the results from a single race to be displayed on screens or tv's around the club.  To accommodate this request we've added a link to the custom links section of the event console. 

By default the link is set to race 1, so to display the detail of another race simply edit the number following the "&race_num=" at the end of the web address in the URL toolbar.  The scroll speed is set to 1, if you would like the page to scroll at a faster pace, simply change the value following "&scrolling=" to a larger number.  There is an example of this page HERE

Naturally, the Scrolling results page is still available that will show the complete results for the series or regatta.  

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