Monday, April 20, 2015

New Club and Event Level Users

As experienced users of Regatta Network know, in the past we had 3 basic users - the Club Admin or "super user" with access to all aspects of all events within their club, and Event Admin and Event Scorer users with access limited to specific events and functions.

Today we're rolling our an expanded User functionality for both Club and Event users.  As the Club Admin, you can now assign the following additional club level users for your club:
  • Admin, 
  • Principal Race Officer (PRO) 
  • Scorer,
  • Protest Committee/Jury Secretary
These club level users will have access to all events for your club, but will only have access to those specific areas necessary to complete their tasks.

Also, we're introducing two new levels of event users
  • Event Level Admin, 
  • Event Level PRO (New!
  • Event Scorer
  • Event Level Protest Committee/Jury Secretary (New!)
These users will have access only to the event or events assigned to them, and again, only access to the areas necessary to their specific tasks.

Setting up these users is easy.  Simply add their name and email to either the Club Information page from the Club Management Menu on the screen left menu, or from the first tab of the Edit Event Information console. 

When you save your changes an message will be sent to the email address provided with a notification that they have been assigned a specific for your club or event.  If it is the first time they've been assigned as a user, the email will include instructions on how to log in with their email and an assigned password.

If they've been assigned as a user on another event for you club or another club, they will receive an email notifying them that they have been granted access to a new event.

For more information, please watch the video here.

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