Friday, August 5, 2016

My.RegattaNetwork - New Tool for Entrants in Regatta Network Events

You may have noticed advertisements for on our home page, event sites, calendar pages, and elsewhere.

My.RegattaNetwork is a new event management system designed specifically for entrants. This system brings together all the tools to manage all of your registrations into one convenient, secure location. It includes:
  • Current Registrations - A complete list of your current events with:
    • Payment status
    • Links for payment or receipt
    • Links to upload documents
    • Links to your event site
  • Calendar -
    • A listing of future events near you
    • Streamlined registration process that pre-populates your form with information from your My.RegattaNetwork account.
  • Past Events -- A complete record of your events with
    • Links to the event web site
    • Links to the results for the event
  • Crewbook
    • Listing of any crew that have registered with you
    • Integrated email console to send them reminders
  • File Manager - Keep track of and easily link to your registrations:
    • Rating Certificates
    • Medical Forms
    • Waivers
    • Insurance forms         

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New Tool for Crew Registration

For events with flexible crew sizes -- Off Shore, Handicap Events, Distance Races, etc, that still want to capture crew information, we have introduced a new tool to simplify the capture of this information. By enabling the Crew Size question, the system will automatically add the appropriate number of crew applications to each registration. You still have the option to minimize the crew application to capture just first and last name.
Or, if you enable the full crew application you will capture name, address, phone, email, etc. with the option for the entrant to email their crew to complete the forms.
Note: Using the Crew Size option will not show the entrants missing crew as "pending," so for one design or junior events with fixed crew sizes it is still recommended that the crew size be set with the registration fee for the class.